Hike Trail

Palestinian Heritage Trail is a long-distance cultural hiking route in Palestine. The trail is about 500 km long and extends from the village of Rummana northwest of Jenin to Beit Mirsim southwest of Hebron back to Artas in Bethlehem, in addition to the newly developed Jerusalem segment that starts in Eizariya through the Old City of Jerusalem towards the villages in the Northwest (Beit Suriq to Beit Duqqo). The trail passes through more than 60 Palestinian cities, villages and local communities where travelers can experience and enjoy the authentic Palestinian Hospitality.

The Palestinian Heritage Trail is more than just a hiking trail. It is a means of meeting and making connections with local Palestinians and hikers from all over the world. You can explore Bedouin communities and experience the traditional Palestinian dishes, which is one of Palestine’s most fundamental traditions. The Trail does not only invite hikers to experience nature but also to change their perspectives by recognizing shared common values and creating friendships along the way.

PH Trail recommends that independent hikers hire a local guide to ensure that they have the best experience along the trail. Local guides not only enrich a hiker’s experience by providing essential insight on the history, local stories and traditions, flora, and fauna, but also help  facilitate understanding with members of local communities and service providers who might not communicate in fluent English. Local guides welcome  questions and will give walkers first-hand answers and provide them with inside stories from the places in which they grew up.