Palestine heritage trail
Palestinian Heritage Trail
is a long-distance cultural hiking route in Palestine. The trail is about 550 km long and extends from the village of Rummana northwest of Jenin to Beit Mirsim southwest of Hebron back to Artas in Bethlehem, in addition to the newly developed Jerusalem segment that starts in Eizariya through the Old City of Jerusalem towards the villages in the Northwest (Beit Surik to Beit Duqqo). The trail passes through more than 75 Palestinian cities, villages, and local communities where travelers can experience and enjoy the authentic Palestinian Hospitality.
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Why to hike PH Trail
Palestinian Hospitality
Palestinian hospitality is renowned for its warmth and generosity, making guests feel like cherished members of the family from the moment they arrive.
Culture & Heritage
Palestinian culture and heritage are deeply rooted in a rich tapestry of traditions, including music, cuisine, and storytelling, which reflect the resilience and history of the Palestinian people.
Landscape Diversity
The Palestinian landscape boasts remarkable diversity, ranging from fertile valleys and rolling hills to arid deserts, offering a captivating blend of natural beauty.
Biking Experience
The Palestinian bike trail offers cyclists a unique journey through diverse landscapes, from historic villages to stunning natural terrain, providing an immersive experience in Palestinian culture and scenery.
Embrace Freedom
Amidst the rustling leaves and winding trails, embrace the liberating spirit of freedom while hiking. Each step forward echoes the joy of breaking free from constraints, immersed in the boundless beauty of the great outdoors.
Connecting With Nature and Wildlife
Hiking fosters a deep connection with nature, turning each step into a dance with the earth, guided by the whispers of the wind and rustle of leaves.